Why you should avoid junk food cravings

Why you should avoid junk food cravings

Junk food is unhealthy, that’s a fact we all know, but tend to ignore, especially on weekends.

Junk food snacks ranges from sweets whose continued intake harms us, such as cookies, candies and high-sugar ice cream, to saturated fats, contained in fried and processed foods.

Even if done in small cravings, eating too much of these types of foods can have short- and long-term consequences for your body thanks to these ingredients. Excessive consumption of calories, fats and ultra-processed foods causes damage to the metabolism and weakens the immune system.

On average, adults should consume between 1,500 and 2,500 calories, which should be optimized in a balanced diet. Failure to do so favors weight gain, but also increases cases of intoxication, metabolic decompensation and gastrointestinal disease.

Here are some recommendations to reduce or stop eating junk food:

Drink enough water:

Thirst is often mistaken for hunger or the urge to eat, leading us to reach for the craving.

Eat more protein:

This can reduce your appetite and keep you from eating more than you really need.

Plan your meals:

Try to have them at the same time. If possible, try to plan meals for the next day or week.

Avoid spending too much time being hungry:

Lack of food is one of the main reasons we experience cravings.

 Combat stress:

A hectic life and a high level of stress can induce food cravings and influence eating behaviors, especially for women.

 Get enough sleep:

Appetite is greatly affected by hormones that fluctuate throughout the day. Lack of sleep also triggers increased hunger.

 Don't go to the grocery store hungry:

Grocery stores are the worst places to go, as it's easy to be tempted to buy cravings and junk food.

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Many people believe that to combat the discomfort and problems caused by junk food, it is convenient to consume antacids without taking into account that they can bring more complications than solutions. The abuse of antacids can cause bone and kidney damage, nausea and constipation.

 The ideal is to take actions to prepare our stomach for the possibility of irritation. Probiotics and prebiotics contribute naturally and effectively to maintaining a healthy microbiota and digestive system.


 Why take probiotics?

Probiotics are "good" bacteria that help improve various conditions in the human body, especially regulating digestion. Good digestion is synonymous with a strong immune system and better mood. The gut is known as our second brain.

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There are many probiotics. The most important thing for them to really colonize your body and fulfill organic functions is to choose high quality probiotics, preferably of human origin and not modified, such as those that are exposed to freeze-drying to be added to pills.

 Among the benefits of consuming probiotics are the regulation of your bad cholesterol levels, glucose and even hormone levels, in addition to favoring body weight balance. 

In XAVIAX you will find the best option for the care of your microbiota, since they contain probiotics of human origin, alive and metabolically active, added agave inulin as a prebiotic and different nutrients from which you can choose to enhance the effects you want to improve in your body. 

With a patented and worldwide award-winning technology, it is undoubtedly the most effective way to protect you not only during the weekends, but permanently against stress, processed foods and pollution that weaken your intestinal microbiota day by day.

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