XAVIAX products are more than just probiotics

XAVIAX products are more than just probiotics

Within the formula of  XAVIAX products there a few ingredients that make them unique, that is why they are considered a Functional Food and not just a probiotic.

What is a functional Food?

Let's start by describing what a Functional Food ( FF) is. FF are those products that are elaborated not only for their nutritional characteristics but also to fulfill an specific function such as improving health and reducing the risk of developing or suffering from diseases.

For this main purpose, biologically active components are added, such as minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, fiber or antioxidants, etc...


The best technology in probiotic supplements.

A XAVIAX sachet, contrary to other probiotics on the market, contains a prebiotic, plus nutrients (biologically active components) in addition to live and metabolically active probiotics.

They not only allow the colonization of the entire digestive tract, from mouth to anus, but also help to contribute to organic functions.

Therefore each XAVIAX Functional Food is designed with the exact amount of probiotics, type of strain, nutrients and prebiotics, this guarantees that the specific functions of every single element in the formula are fulfilled.

The following are unique characteristics that you can find in our XAVIAX Functional Foods.

-Live probiotics that allow colonization through the mouth to the anus, surviving the gastrointestinal transit.

-Appropriate adhesion to the intestinal mucosa.

-They produce antimicrobial substances necessary for their survival and reproduction.

-They produce enzymes that, along with nutrients, allow organic functions to be fulfilled in the body, this is called being “metabolically active”.

-Scientific studies that validate its healthy effects for people


What type of probiotics is best?

Probiotics in capsules, liquids, powders, dairy products, are inactive probiotics, so an excessive amount must be added since the vast majority do not survive gastrointestinal transit and lose effectiveness in adhering to the intestinal mucosa.

Therefore, this type of probiotic only helps improve digestion but does not fulfill organic functions.

Choose a functional food that contains probiotics and I don't know of any other than XAVIAX Functional Food.
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