Know why we are your best choice in probiotics

What makes Xaviax unique?

Unique probiotics in Gel

International ANTI-DOPING certification for high performance athletes.

Patented in 14 countries

XAVIAX probiotics are alive and metabolically active.

Synergistic symbiosis allows probiotics to perform colonization functions throughout the digestive system.

The product performs specific functions of reducing inflammation, detoxifying, controlling sugars and fats etc.


  • The gelatin that contains probiotics emulates the conditions of the digestive system, so the intake becomes the right medium to consume them.

  • Probiotics begin to work in the pharynx and then in the stomach and intestines from the moment they are tasted, because they are live and active.

  • They are not freeze-dried, which benefits the immediate action of probiotics.

  • The freeze-drying process is a chemical process in which probiotics are left in a dormant state, without being in an active state so that they can work immediately.

  • XAVIAX probiotics are the only ones that, due to their process and technology, work from the moment they are tasted.

  • The manufacture of the gelatinous mixture of probiotics is carried out by a bioreactor where the good bacteria (probiotics) are stimulated with pressure and temperature so that they can generate the different benefits offered by the products.

  • Agave inulin is added to nourish and strengthen as a prebiotic for probiotics.