Should probiotics be taken every day

Is it okay to take a probiotic every day?

Probiotics are good bacteria that live in our body, offering benefits at digestive, immunological and emotional levels.

We can find them in different presentations, where the important thing is to ensure that they survive the conditions of our body such as gastric acids.


Can the prolonged use of probiotics be harmful?

There are no studies that probiotics can be harmful in healthy people. In fact the prolonged use of probiotics should be the duty to be since being living beings their life is limited and although they have the ability to reproduce it is necessary to consume them constantly to maintain a rich population of good bacteria and thus avoid a dysbiosis.


How often should I take a probiotic?

It is best to consume at least one type of probiotic per day. To really notice its effects. There are low quality probiotics that it is necessary to consume them without interruption for at least 21 days to achieve their implantation. On the other hand,📍XAVIAX probiotics, being alive and active, act from the first 24 hours of their consumption.

In case you forget to take them one day, there is no problem, since it is not a medicine, you just have to take them again on a regular basis.


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For how long should probiotics be taken?

The intake of a probiotic should be permanent to avoid intestinal dysbiosis. There are people with excellent health who choose to consume every 3 months probiotics. What must be taken into account is that there are factors to which we are exposed every day that weaken and destroy them.

Such as being exposed to pollution, smoking or being in contact with cigarette smoke, consuming processed foods, having episodes of stress, consuming some type of medication, among many others.

What is the best time to take probiotics on an empty stomach or with meals?

Depending on the type of probiotic consumed, low-quality probiotics should be taken on an empty stomach and avoid irritating foods.

In contrast, premium probiotics such as XAVIAX, with the BIOGEL protects the probiotics ensure their survival, as well as being alive and metabolically active, they will act in the same way any time they are consumed.


Should a woman take a probiotic daily?

Actually we should all consume probiotics daily, but in the case of women their consumption is even more important as it helps in the regulation of hormone levels and protection in the vaginal area.

In the case of women, it is recommended to consume the combo woman.

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Probiotics are proper for the whole family to prevent diseases and metabolic disorders. Trust XAVIAX probiotics because they are added with agave inulin, its prebiotic and special nutrients are important to improve your performance. Get to know their wide variety and decide to start a healthier life today.


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