Benefits of consuming a prebiotic

Benefits of consuming a prebiotic

Scientific data suggest that taking agave inulin helps to reduce digestive problems, reduce constipation and increase the feeling of satiety.

Our health is a reflection of what we consume, so fiber consumption is very important to counteract the habitual consumption of fats, carbohydrates and sugars.


Why take prebiotics?

There are surprising advances on the importance of our microbiota in relation to our health. The variety and type of microorganisms that live in our microbiota is very important to keep us healthy.

The microorganisms that live in our microbiota are called probiotics and are very important because they maintain a molecular dialogue with our cells. This dialogue helps improve the intestinal defense system by maintaining healthy colon cells, eliminating pathogenic bacteria and improving fat metabolism.

Probiotics inhabit the entire digestive system, primarily the colon. And it is important to maintain their population by properly nourishing them through prebiotics.

Prebiotics are soluble fibers that promote the growth of good microorganisms. Digestive enzymes cannot metabolize them, so they reach the colon intact, allowing probiotics to be fed to improve the quality of our intestinal microbiota.

The effect generated by bacteria when consuming prebiotics is to metabolize short-chain acids. These acids change the pH of the medium considerably improving the absorption of magnesium, calcium and iron.

In addition, the fatty acids decrease the amount of bad bacteria, preventing them from adhering to our intestine to avoid infections.
And they help colon cells stay healthy to prevent them from turning into malignant or cancerous cells.


Improve your lifestyle with probiotics and prebiotics.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with probiotic and prebiotic consumption is important at all ages to prevent diseases or conditions such as osteoporosis.

As we age, the population of good bacteria (probiotics) decreases, causing intestinal problems, we absorb fewer nutrients or minerals, we become more vulnerable to disease and our immune system weakens.

One way to keep the intestinal microbiota healthy is by consuming supplements with probiotics of specific strains to improve the variety that are housed in our body and support them with the consumption of prebiotics, preferably agave inulin, since it is the soluble fiber that best nourishes the good bacteria.

Every day thousands of probiotics die in our body, so it is recommended to consume them permanently to give way to better health.

Scientists in different studies have found that the microbiota of sick people is very different from that of healthy people or those who get sick less frequently and the symptoms are reflected in a lesser degree of intensity.

This damaged microbiota is mainly found in obese people, people with autism, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, Parkinson's disease, Crohn's disease, Alzheimer's disease, to name a few.

The consumption of probiotics can help to improve the quality of life of these people. And avoid suffering from any of these diseases.

The good news is that Mexican scientists have found the best way to keep probiotics alive and metabolically active without the need to modify or freeze-dry them, to guarantee their survival and fast action. It also contains agave inulin, which is the ideal prebiotic for good nutrition and development of probiotics. They have a delicious flavor thanks to the agave inulin, without being a problem for people who avoid sugar consumption.

You can find them in different presentations since they also contain special nutrients to improve their absorption and enhance the results; such as omega 3, collagen, antioxidants, green coffee, vitamin d3 among others.

The dose you need for a better quality of life is in a sachet of Gel, ideal for the consumption of the whole family.

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