How do probiotics help in working life?

How do probiotics help in working life?

The stress of work life and its hustle and bustle come with a number of risks. Fortunately, the right combination of probiotics and nutrients can benefit the body to mitigate some of the most common ailments and discomforts, stemming from the daily routine. Here are some of the most common:


  • Gastrointestinal diseases: The combination of probiotic strains added with fiber contained in XAVIAX DTX can help reduce uremic toxins and intestinal permeability caused by poor dietary habits and stress.

    • Memory and attention disorders: Memory and attention disorders: The set of lactobacilli added with Omega 3 from XAVIAX OME could help with de-inflammation at the cellular level and improve concentration and memory impaired by attention disorders. These situations may be caused by the sense of urgency and excessive stimuli for the brain, typical of certain work environments.

      • Joint problems: XAVIAX's C+A blend of probiotics with collagen and cranberry extract can aid in joint and bone repair to prevent ailments caused by sedentary lifestyles, poor sitting postures or excessive use of computer equipment.

        • Stress, depression, anxiety and fatigue: The perfect combination of magnesium and folic acid with probiotics in XAVIAX MGF is involved in muscle relaxation and increased physical and mental performance, helping to improve mood, energy levels and reducing migraine and insomnia symptoms.

          • Immune system: The combination of three probiotic strains with XAVIAX D3 helps maintain good bone health and strengthen the immune system, which can be affected by daily habits and high levels of stress.

            • Overweight and inadequate glucose levels: XAVIAX CW probiotic blend with decaffeinated green coffee extract works together with a balanced diet and physical activity to inhibit glucose absorption and help reduce the percentage of body fat caused by eating disorders.

              What are XAVIAX probiotics and how do they help working life?

              You have probably heard of probiotics, as maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a growing concern. It is because of the benefits of having a healthy microbiota that the consumption of probiotics is becoming more and more popular.


              But what are probiotics?

              Probiotics are food supplements containing live microorganisms dedicated to maintaining or enhancing the "good bacteria" of our microbiota.

              A normal microbiota, or microbiome, is a set of microorganisms that are housed in various places in our body, such as the gut, mouth or skin.

              Therefore, the microbiota helps our body in several of its vital functions, such as digestion, vitamin production and protection against disease-causing viruses and bacteria.


              And what are live probiotics?

              Among the presentations of probiotics on the market, such as dairy products or tablets, are XAVIAX probiotics in Biogel.


              Unlike other products, XAVIAX probiotics reach the intestine alive and metabolically active, which allows them to fulfill their functions from the first 24 hours after consumption.


              Biogel, as its name suggests, is a gel containing agave inulin fiber as a prebiotic, as well as nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and natural extracts that make XAVIAX live probiotics immediately available to provide specific benefits to the body.


              Like Biogel, the combination of probiotics (two or more strains per product), prebiotics and nutrients, are the patents that make XAVIAX the best probiotic technology to improve people's nutrition and lifestyle.


              There are many functions that probiotics can help us to perform if they are properly combined and integrated into a good diet. Therefore, although sometimes they are part of medical or nutritional treatments, consuming probiotics should be part of your lifestyle.


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