Do you know what green coffee is for?

Do you know what green coffee is for?

When coffee is roasted, it loses properties that can help the well-being of the organism, such as chlorogenic acid (CGA). It is for this reason that to obtain all its benefits it is important to consume it in its natural state before roasting.


What is green coffee extract?


Green coffee is the unroasted coffee beans. This is important because at the moment of roasting it preserves some of its properties, but it completely loses the chlorogenic acid.


Properties of chlorogenic acid


Helping to reduce body weight

 There are several studies where it points out that it has properties such as:

Lowering blood pressure

For its antioxidant capacity and improvement of andotelial function.

Regulating blood glucose levels

Because it causes the inhibition of glucose absorption in the intestine and prevents the release of glucose from the liver, this generates less circulating glucose levels and less insulin activity.

Improving the immune system

Protecting against free radicals, fungi and viruses. Helping to eliminate toxic and harmful elements from the body.

Improve the appearance and volume of hair

Because of its high antioxidant content, it helps eliminate harmful toxins to keep hair healthy and prevent hair loss.

Reduce the effect of free radicals

Certain antioxidants present are polyphenols, among others. Helping to slow down aging and therefore age-related disorders such as heart disease, arthritis and eye problems.

 It is a highly bioavailable component, but to obtain its benefits it is important to have a healthy digestive system since it is absorbed at the intestinal level.

It is recommended to consume it of high quality to guarantee that it does not contain high doses of caffeine that can affect people with heart problems.

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