Probiotics to improve renal function.

Probiotics for renal function.

The kidneys and the intestine are closely related. We do not realize the importance of this relationship until our kidney function begins to decline.

This is because most people with kidney problems have an unbalanced gut microbiota due to their type of diet, excessive consumption of medications, etc.


Main functions of the kidneys.

The main function of the kidneys is to secrete hormones, regulate blood pressure and cleanse the blood by removing excess vitamins and minerals, especially toxins.

As a result, when the kidneys do not function properly, the body does not secrete the proper amount of hormones that the body depends on to produce red blood cells and the production of vitamin D is also reduced. In addition, the body stops eliminating toxins, which can lead to death.

People with kidney problems often, if not most, have gut dysbiosis, meaning that their microbiota is dominated by harmful bacteria versus good bacteria.


What is the intestinal microbiota?

It is a system where microorganisms coexist in our body (bacteria, viruses, fungi) can be in our mouth, digestive system, and other organs.

 Within these microorganisms there are good bacteria (probiotics) that help regulate the amount of "bad" microorganisms in our body.


Why is it important to maintain a healthy microbiota?

Strange as it may seem, having a healthy microbiota is reflected in the proper functioning of the digestive and immune systems and in the control of our emotions.


Benefits of probiotics in the digestive system

Probiotics consume the fiber that our body cannot digest on its own. This generates fatty acids that serve as a source of energy for our cells.


Benefits of probiotics on the Immune System

Probiotics form a protective barrier that prevents bacteria, toxins and viruses from entering the body. In addition, 70% of the immune system is found in the intestine which generates good health if we maintain a healthy microbiota.


Benefits of probiotics on emotions

The intestinal microbiota and the brain are in close communication called gut-brain axis since there are many nerve endings in the intestine and 30% of serotonin is generated precisely in the intestine; influencing pain, anxiety and moods.


How can probiotics help kidney function?

There are certain strains of probiotics such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus Hn001, Lactobacillus Acidophillus and streptococcus thermophilus that can promote the elimination of toxins that accumulate in the large intestine (colon). In conjunction with their prebiotic (fibers that we cannot digest) these bacteria can metabolize uremic toxins and use them as their food source. And thus help the kidneys to release it, achieving results in the decrease of urea levels.

For this reason it is important to consume both probiotics and prebiotics to achieve this result, we can find them as symbiotics when they come together in the same product we consume.


What is a symbiotic?

As we have mentioned, the simultaneous administration of probiotics and prebiotics (food and energy source of the probiotic) gives better opportunities for colonization and survival of probiotics in the body and prolongs the beneficial effects they provide. 

Consuming a symbiotic is better because they increase the "useful" life of the probiotic, potentiating its properties and generating a synergistic effect. Symbiotics have a greater effect than if probiotics and prebiotics are consumed in isolation. They reduce the pH, increase their protective action, favor the stability of the microbiota, increase the release of short-chain fatty acids and promote the growth of bifidobacteria.


What are the best probiotics for the kidneys?

XAVIAX symbiotics are recommended as they contain the appropriate probiotic strain and agave inulin as a prebiotic to achieve this function. In addition, they are added with nutrients specifically selected to enhance the organic function that each strain provides, forming a synergistic symbiosis.

Its consumption should only be done if approved by your doctor to ensure that it does not interfere with the treatment. Although it should be noted that XAVIAX's symbiotics are suitable for consumption by the whole family, from infants to the elderly, thanks to its high quality ingredients and technology that allows results to be obtained from the first hours of its consumption.

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