What is vitamin D3 used for?

What is vitamin D3 used for?


Vitamin D3 is very important for our development, unfortunately it is not produced by our body. The main source from which we can obtain it is from the sun.

However, nowadays sun exposure can be harmful to the skin. That is why taking high quality vitamin D3 supplements is vital to maintain good health.


 Lack of vitamin D3 can cause:

Weak teeth and gums, in children difficulty in its development.

Muscles without strength.

Sleep problems.

Fragile bones, with a tendency to fracture.

Low defenses, very weak immune system.


What is vitamin D3 useful for?

Operation of our immune system (in fact we hear it more now in the pandemic, as several studies have shown the relationship of vitamin D3 deficiency with the severity of the disease).


Better absorption of calcium in bones

 Improved quality of life and increased life expectancy, especially in women.

 Protect our organism from various neurodegenerative diseases.

 Better quality of life in old age.

 Improves metabolism, preventing obesity.

 Better quality of sleep

 Reduces tremors, cramps, tingling, etc. and other affections in the organism.


What diseases does vitamin D3 counteract?


The other major field of pathology where vitamin D helps to combat autoimmune diseases:


Childhood diabetes

 Rheumatoid arthritis

 Multiple sclerosis

 Sjögren's syndrome

 Crohn's disease

 Lupus erythematosus

 Autoimmune hypothyroidism



How is vitamin D3 taken?


The optimal recommended dose for adults is a minimum of 1000 IU/day. The ideal is to consume a dose of 5000 IU/day to really obtain its benefits.

 Something that is very important is that we must have a healthy intestinal flora so that the human body can absorb the nutrients we give it.

 The most recommended way to have a healthy intestinal flora is with the consumption of high quality probiotics, which are alive and resistant to gastric acids. In addition, to promote their growth and good functioning, the consumption of prebiotics, which is their food, is recommended.


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